• About TOKYO PRO Market

About TOKYO PRO Market

New stock market ~ TOKYO PRO Market ~

TOKYO PRO Market is an established market on the basis of the introduced by the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law of 2008 "pro-market system." TOKYO PRO Market uses AIM, a market for growing companies, operated by London Stock Exchange, LSE centering a designated adviser system, as a model for organizing a listing system. TOKYO PRO Market requires making a contract with a J-Adviser which is approved by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc. for the operation. Since the market is just only for professional investors, the standard for listing-related screening has been relaxed and release of quarterly earnings results and internal control reports have been exempted, which are difficult to be realized in the conventional market. The market makes use of investment-target spotting functions of the investors with abundant experience of investment operation to encourage individuals to have more self-responsibility for investment judgment and promotes deregulation for companies, which can be said as a "free design market" requiring a strict discipline to meet various needs of investors.

3 mission of TOKYO PRO Market

Creation of opportunities

We contribute few merit to place of new financing and other markets in company with growth power in Japan and Asia.

Sound development

We aim at activation in a Japanese financial market by creation in a new investment chance and sound development of the enterprise which utilizes a market.


provision of the environment in which foreign companies are likely to listing, by the creation of new investment opportunities to foreign investors, promote the internationalization of Japanese financial markets.




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