• Business outline 4 To business

Business outline 4 To business

It is partner and "tsunagu" by creation of opportunity

We'll be a bridge and offer a business partner and a place by the encounter with a business chance to the business agreement and the event which lead to enterprise value improvement, and I'll support creation of a new business.


OKINAWA Venture Market

In Okinawa venture market, it will provide local companies with a variety of needs for the purpose of the creation of new business opportunities, outside the prefecture companies, the meeting place of the Asian companies. Biotechnology, ICT, manufacturing, and technology development companies, including the environment and energy fields, food that take advantage of the regional characteristics of Okinawa, companies of service sector come together, Okinawa's first full-scale BtoB to search for a business partner type is a business matching event.

Sales channel development assistance

The Asian network which makes Taiwan the center is utilized and cultivation of the market, technical development and product development of a prefecture enterprise are supported with sponsorship of a business discussion meeting and individual support.

We signed a MOU with Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI) in Taiwan in July 2014 to become a window of time that Japan and Taiwan companies to tie-up.
We signed a MOU with Industrial Technology Research Institute(ITRI)Link to the news







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