• Business outline 2 Consulting business

Business outline 2 Consulting business

It is trust and "tsunagu" with stakeholder by concrete business support

We provide consulting services such as internal control construction support for corporate value improvement, development of business plan for suggestion and size of the business expansion of management improvement, financing support, stock listing support.


Smart Corporate Governance

In the smart corporate governance, we will support the construction of the internal management system tailored to company size to companies that are not intended to be listed.

  • Internal rules maintenance
  • Organizational structure maintenance
  • Creating business flow Manual
  • Create business plan

For Listing

At Forlisting, we will support the establishment of an internal control system companies that aim to be listed to the securities market.

  • compliance
  • Internal control
  • Timely disclosure system
  • Business execution system
  • Crisis-management system
  • Information management system

Business model development support

In the business model development assistance, we conducted a due diligence of the existing business model, to clarify the positioning and the strengths and weaknesses of in your business market, after conducting a re-definition of the business concept, formulate a promotion schedule and building of business strategy To do.

Capital policy development support

By capital policy development support, we support drafting, making of high capital policy of utility that linked business model in one stop.

Business Revitalization

We utilize our corporate value evaluation technique (four DD) and carry out financing DD, business DD and devise revival plan having high precision. In addition, in cooperation with cooperation, we become off balance of real estate as needed and do suggestion of sale & lease back and suggestion of M&A.


We catch brand power said to be the fifth financial resources with important tool in corporate value improvement and support strategic Blanding construction.




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