About OJAD

The OJAD, aimed at industrial development of Okinawa Prefecture, for the purpose of support of improving corporate value of local companies, was born from the business of Okinawa Prefecture.

Our Mission

We aim at Japanese activation by Okinawa dispatch by construction of strong Okinawa economy while utilizing precise evaluation with realization of corporate value improvement by "form of new trust" to solicit trust of company, and supporting corporate value improvement and financing of various companies inside and outside the prefecture as partner supporting creation of new value by "tsunagu" thing to various scenes, and planning realization of Asian finance base design by accumulation of finance allied industry using corporate value evaluation that precision is high in our mission in Okinawa in promotion, letting you promote activation of Japanese local economy and activation of Japan capital market in its turn.


Value improvement of a prefecture enterprise

A new use of direct and indirect financing by improving the shape and the corporate value of new credit.

Financial base in Asia

Realization of the international financial innovation base plan with which an industrial base is supported

Activation of the capital market

Activation of the domestic capital market.The TOKYO PRO Market to 1,000 companies scale international markets.

Activation of local

Realization of a wide area network between the local activation by development and the area of OKINAWA type listing model (the area conclusion type industrial development model who utilized a capital market).




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