The date of the 8th Okinawa Venture Market was decided.


The date of the 8th Okinawa Venture Market was decided!

■ Name: 8th Okinawa Venture Market

■ Session period: December 11 (Mon) - December 13 (Wed)

■ Contents: □ Pitch Day (tentative name) [December 11 (Monday)]
       @ Okinawa Science and Technology Graduate University Seminar Room B 250
       □ Different industry exchange meeting [December 12 - December 13]
       @ Okinawa Cellular Park Naha

■ Purpose: Provide business matching place for prefecture companies,
      companies outside the prefecture, overseas companies,
      Create opportunities such as technology development, product development,
      collaborative research overseas development,
      acquisition of human resources, financing

■ Scale Size: 300 exhibitors
        (100 in prefecture, 100 in outside prefecture, 100 in overseas)
        Total number of participants: 3,000 (total number of goals for 3 days)

■ Target: Bio, IT, environment, energy,
      Manufacturing, finance, food, services, support organizations etc.

■ Organizer: Okinawa Venture Market Management Office

■ Implementation: OKINAWA J-Adviser Corporation

■ Inquiries: TEL: 098 - 851 - 8770/098 - 851 - 4130
       FAX: 098-851-4131
       Contact: Nakazato, Nakasone, Kato

Details will be updated from time to time as soon as it is decided.
For details, please visit Okinawa Venture Market Official Page.