• Everybody of an enterprise who considers listing

Everybody of an enterprise who considers listing

We can cope with company of various business conditions that it has been said to that TOKYO PRO Market does not face market for general investors very much and various listing models. Four following CASE becomes representative listed model.

CASE 1 venture type (early stage type)

Listed purpose

Financing, growth stimulation by creditworthiness, popularity improvement


Vulnerability of the capital structure
→Capital amount of money, even less a large amount of stock issued shares outstanding, an increase of new shareholders

Stable management rights
→Vulnerability because of the capital structure, financing to ensure a stable management rights of founder

Lack of business management system
→General investors market system maintenance to seek (staffing)

10 position of the (management director, listing the person in charge, disclosure personnel, corporate planning, finance, accounting, general affairs, human resources and labor, stock charge, internal audit)
→Responsibility as a listed company

CASE 2. business expansion type

Listed purpose

Business area expansion by improving creditworthiness, name recognition, funding


Quick decision making
→Management judgement with the feeling of speed in the active business activity

Priority of sales and manufacturing sector
→Understaffing of departments of management (placement of 10 positions)

Standard of person of main business
→Internal control of customer outsourcing Regulations,maintenance of ISO

Appropriate stockholder composition
→Shareholder dominated by the founding family

Organization of affiliated companies
→Existence of special interest business company by business priority

CASE 3. business reorganization type

Listed purpose

M & A and human resources by the creditworthiness improves


Low growth potential
→There are many mature and reduction industry,It is a low-growth model long business history

Conflict between regionally powerful lords
→There are few companies where a lot of competitors are large

Appropriate capital structure
→Too little capital, too small shareholders for a small-scale enterprise

Customization of the trade way and business
→Business practices for many years, a lot of customs of the industry are unsuitable for internal control

Strong financial foundation
→Employment of human resources, M & A, construction of a strong financial base to withstand the increase in affiliated companies

CASE 4. business inherited type

Listed purpose

Continuity of smooth succession and company


→Appropriate stock price setting and inheritance tax measure

Business restructuring
→Posterity to leave business, For founder to assets of business

Stable management rights
→Securing of number of the stable stocks of successor (the hereditary or succession in the company)

Friendly M & A
→Transfer to a specific third party who take advantage of the stock market

Maintenance of Quality
→For management organized from management of belonging to the person → Visualization of duties by internal control

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for a company to be listed on the market?

Depend on corporate scale, but is almost from one year to one and a half years ※

There is no numerical criteria, such as that audit certification may be the last year also, the confirmation of listing eligibility is J-Adviser from doing become a center, shorten the listing preparation period was realized.

※ by the number and place of business segment, etc., there is a possibility that the back and forth slightly. For preparation period, if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
What do you mean there is not numerical criterion?

In the past, in order to listed on the stock market, the sales, the number of profit shareholders, market capitalization criteria, float standards and company founded after number of years, there was a need to meet certain numerical criteria.

TOKYO PRO Market does not have numeric standards, which has allowed various companies to be listed.
Is disclosure not necessary in internal control, quarter?

Yes, because there is no mandatory ※, you can reduce the listing costs significantly.

※ In OJAD, we aim to partner companies that raise the corporate value. For even internal control and summary disclosure of every certain period of time, performs a polite advice, please be assured that we will provide the necessary information to everyone in the company and investors.
How much does it take for a cost of listing?

4,000,000 yen a year-of investigation before listing and monitoring after confirmation and listing are※. An application period of listing will be the above basic contract fee plus examination reward of 3,000,000 yen and a contingent fee (2%).

※ It fluctuates by having location and subsidiary or not, the number of segments.
We do not think about listing, but We want you to tell us building of financing method besides the bank loan and a body system.

In OJAD, it will correspond to the various advisory services.
We would like to be listed. Who is the contact person?

Please contact the staff below for any questions. Our staff will answer your questions. Firstly, please tell us your business plan.

Contact information
TEL:098-851-4130 / FAX:098-851-4131



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