• All of companies thinking of investment

All of companies thinking of investment

TOKYO PRO Market is the completely new stock exchange where the market system for professionals introduced by a financial product legal revision of dealings in 2008 was utilized for the first time.

Who can invest in TOKYO PRO Market?

TOKYO PRO Market is a market which is based on the introduced pro-market system by the revision of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law.

Institutional investors that can be directly purchased in TOKYO PRO Market is limited to specific investors and non-residents. General investors can not put a direct purchase order to the exchange, through investment trusts, will be able to participate in the market. (It is possible that the general investors that hold listed shares of TOKYO PRO Market for any reason to sell through TOKYO PRO Market.)

A specified investor is defined as follows in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act.
※About "corporation except authorized investors" and "constant requirements applicable individual" (note) by proposal to financial products broker from public investors to identification investors can shift. Specifically, please refer to us.

  • Qualified institutional investor (financial institution)
  • Listed company
  • Private companies with over JPY 500 million capital.
  • government
  • Bank of Japan "deemed" specific investor (the offer of the securities company, need to be confirmed)
  • Corporation other than the above
  • Local Public Entities
  • A financial asset at more than 300,000,000 yen and individual who possesses experience of dealings for more than 1 year about a financial product with a net asset (It's chosen "to everybody of an investor" in the Tokyo Stock Exchange TOKYO PRO Market site.)

Contact information
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