• What is J-Adviser

What is J-Adviser

J-Adviser (designated adviser) is listed examination organization to judge TOKYO PRO Market listing eligibility that received approval from the Tokyo Stock Exchange. OKINAWA J-Adviser acquired authorization as the seventh examination organization on November 1, 2012.


The J-Adviser (specified advisors), was approved by the TOKYO PRO Market, advisor of companies that want to be listed. Upon listed on the TOKYO PRO Market, companies need to ensure the J-Adviser. J-Adviser, together with to oversee the process up to the listed companies, will conduct the investigation and confirmation of listed eligibility of the company. To also fulfill its obligations as a continuously listed company after the listing, listed companies must receive the support, such as advice and guidance from the J-Adviser.J-Adviser system is at the core of the operation of the TOKYO PRO Market. When losing a contract relation with J - Adviser, a major company is designated as an arrangement brand, and when different J - Adviser can't be reserved in the certain fixed period, it'll be delisting.J-Adviser is, always with the act in order to maintain the order and discipline of the market in TOKYO PRO Market, in charge so that fairness is maintained between the corporate shareholder, make the guidance and advice to such officer of the responsible companies .

The role of the J-Adviser

The role of the J-Adviser at the time of the new listing application
We confirm whether J-Adviser meets all requirements that new listed company in charge of prescribes in specific securities listing official regulations, and we take responsibility, and investigation confirms that the company has listing eligibility to TOKYO PRO Market. In so doing, the J-Adviser's role are below:

  • Understand enough business in charge of enterprise and a business plan after listing
  • Confirming the suitability of the company's directors and the efficacy of the company board as a whole
  • Undertaking financial, legal and commercial due diligence, involving lawyers, accountants and other external experts, as appropriate.
  • Confirm after a responsible enterprise presents a regulation of TOKYO PRO Market, whether you possess the enough system to obey continually.

As a result, the J-Adviser will be actively involved in the preparation of admission documents. And also in advising the applicant on how to best comply with its continuing obligations. Once satisfied, the J-Adviser must prepare a Declaration of Appropriateness for Listing and submit it to the Exchange.

The role of the J-Adviser after listing

Once a company has been admitted to the market, a J-Adviser must be retained at all times to ensure that the company fulfills its ongoing obligations while providing advice and guidance.





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