• Features of TOKYO PRO Market

Features of TOKYO PRO Market

Bold deregulation

Groundbreaking Listing System

Specific investor

  1. There are no numerical criteria (the sales, the profit, the number of stockholders, the aggregate market value standard, the floating stock standard and the passed years standard after establishment of a company) in criteria for listing a stock.
  2. Only the year is enough for inspection proof just before that
  3. Internal control report, quarterly disclosure are arbitrary
  4. Only a specific investor can participate: Qualified institutional investor, corporation (a major company or a capital, more than 500,000,000) and individual (a financial asset, more than 300,000,000 or non-resident)
  5. Specify adviser (J-Adviser) will review the listing, to continuously support. Further, it is possible to determine the delisting by specifying advisor cancel the contract

Financing by various listing models such as listing, project, VC fund, hedge fund, buyout fund to look for listing of research and development type company such as bio that did not turn too much in market for general investors and listing for the purpose of succession of a business of stable medium-ranking enterprise of district, M&A ahead of non-strategy subsidiary of major company is assumed until now, and we are expected as market providing new choice and business opportunity by company, investors, brokerage firm, other experts hoping for listing by utilizing these systems.





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